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Lana Del Rey Faces Backlash After She Wears A Fishnet Face Mask At A Public Event

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, best known by her stage name Lana Del Rey, has received criticism from her fans after she wore a mesh mask at a public event. Lana wore a silver sparkly fishnet face covering which had holes in it.

Her fans slammed her for her irresponsible behavior after she wore a mesh mask to sign copies of her new poetry book “Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass”.


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Lana has fenced off the area where she read a portion of her new book but later she was seen taking selfies with her fans.

Los Angeles County has urged people to wears a cloth mask or proper face mask when interacting with a group of people.

Fans are angry about her irresponsible behaviors because she not only put her life in danger but also the lives of her fans.

As a responsible citizen and a person with a big platform, it is her duty to wear a proper mask to urge other people for wearing masks. But it seems like she only wore the netmask as a fashion accessory.

When we don mask we are not only protecting ourselves but also the people around us. Various celebrities have started the campaign of mask-wearing to normalize the act of wearing a face mask and proving that doing so can even be trendy.

Lana’s sister Caroline Grant defended her sister and said that she already tested negative for the virus. She said that Lana was six feet away from her fans.


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