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Jacqueline Way Shares Secret To Happiness – So Simple Three-Year-Old Can Do It

We always heard that giving makes you happy and it’s better to give than receive. But have you actually thought of why? Let’s find the answer to this question through the powerful story of Jacqueline Way who is the mother of three boys. She has shared a secret to happiness so simple a three-year-old can do it.

Mum-of-three Jacqueline Way is the Founder of 365give. She has devoted herself to social good projects. Her motherhood has inspired her to make a world of difference.

When we ask people what they want most in their life. The answer is always happiness. Happiness is always at the top of their list. How can we find happiness every day?

Jacqueline has provided the answer to this question. Her inspirational journey with her son gives you a reason for happiness.

In her life, she discovered that daily giving habits will make you happy and change the world. Various researchers have also discovered that our brain and body is hardwired for giving.

When we give we feel a psychological response. Our hormone kicks in and our stress level go down and we feel calmer.

Let see how can we activate this response? When we complete one small act of giving, or an act of kindness our Endorphins kick in and starting producing a feeling of excitement.

Our Oxytocin level increases and it gives us feelings of trust, love, optimism & connection. After that Serotonin increases which makes us happy and calm and heal our body. Then it eventually reduce the level of Cortisol which led to a decrease in the stress level by 23%.

The small act of giving reduces anxiety and stress and it makes you happy. Jacqueline’s story tells you that you could be happy every day and it’s very simple.

On her first son’s third birthday, she decided to teach him how he could be happy every day.  She decided to teach him to give every day.

She introduced the idea over birthday cake and ice cream and said to him that now will be going to start the super-fun family project.

Like all other mothers, she wanted Nic to grow up to be happy, kind, and compassionate.

She made a promise with her oldest son to give back to the world every day for every year. Jacqueline made a blog to record daily routine adventures together. They called it ‘365give’.

Her blogs motivated others to start the same daily giving habit to attain the feeling of happiness. People also started realizing after reading her blogs that it’s very easy to feel happier every day.


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When Jacqueline and her son’s 365 give challenge ends,  a local West Vancouver educator, Sarah Donaher, spoke to Jacqueline and said that she wanted to take the 365give challenge to her school and to the district.

After that, they both started an educational program. A program that combines a simple daily giving practice with their curriculum. They called it the ‘365give challenge’.

This challenge is unique because it’s powered by the kids. Jacqueline said that she could never have dreamed that her super fun family project with her son could cause a ripple to so many.

Soon after she started the challenge, it has touched over 5,000 children in 25 schools and the number started increasing with the passage of time.

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