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Here’s What Happens To You When You Lean Out Of Moving Car To Film Video

A woman fell out of the moving car on M25 while she was filming a Snapchat video. She fell into a live lane between junction six and the Clacket Lane Services.

Surrey Police highlighted the incident and disclosed that she was treated at the scene. It was her luck that she is alive today.

Fortunately, she was not badly injured. The woman was on the front seat when she leaned out of the window to make a snapchat video.

The road policing unit shared the picture of a woman’s car on Twitter. Police confirmed that she was not seriously injured before adding the hashtag #nowords.

This is not the first time that the incident of this kind happened. On daily basis, we heard the news that someone fell from the car or from the cliff edge while filming a video. As a responsible citizen, this is our duty to avoid filming videos when we are driving.

A Surrey police revealed that they received the call shortly after 1.30 am this morning that a woman fell out of a moving vehicle.

Her injuries were not life-threatening or life-changing. Police have made no arrest.

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