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Melania Trump Plans To Renew White House Rose Garden

First lady Melania Trump has announced Monday that she has decided to restore and enhance White House Rose Garden this summer. The first lady aimed to make it more in line with the original design implemented during the 1960s Kennedy administration.

This decision of renovation of the White House Rose Garden is an important project. It is planned to enhance one of the most iconic locations of White House grounds.

Lately, President Trump has used the Rose Garden a lot to make announcements and to hold conferences amid pandemic. Last year Melania has also arranged a state dinner for Australia in the garden.

According to the announcement, the final design is the result of collaboration by two architecture firms. Those firms include Perry Guillot, Inc and Oehme, van Sweden & Associates/OvS.

Melania took to Twitter and wrote: “Even in the most difficult times, the White House Rose Garden has stood as a symbol of strength & continuity.”

“Today, it is my pleasure to announce our plans to renew & restore this iconic space so that we preserve its history & beauty for generations to come,” she added.

The redo plan got the approval of the Committee for the Preservation of the White House (CPWH). The plan has also received support from the sub-committee, Committee for the Preservation of the White House Garden (CPWHG).

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