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Meet A Woman Who Gets Two Degrees, Buys House And Starts Ph.D Before Turning 20

21-years old Pakeezah Zubairi from Florida is an inspiration for young women. Pakeezah has completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in two years. Now she has started a Ph.D. at the age of 21.

Pakeezah has completed her high school with 18 months’ worth of university credits by taking after-hours classes and tests.

Before celebrating her 19th birthday she has completed her bachelor’s degree in 2015 and enrolled herself in an MBA. She did her bachelor’s and psychology and completed it in just 18 months.

21 years old girl has completed her MBA in Human resource management and became the youngest student who gets an MBA’s degree from Lynn University before turning 20.

Her struggled and motivation to reach at the top didn’t stop there. She has started working full time and saved enough money to buy her own house.

Now when she has a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and her own house she enrolled herself in a Ph.D. at the age of 21.

Pakeezah is a senior HR specialist. She said that when she was in high school she wanted to be an independent woman as soon as possible.

She said she wanted to get out of her parent’s house and when she completed her bachelors she moved in student accommodation where she completed her master’s degree.

Pakeeza disclosed her family wanted her to be an innocent Muslim girl. When she moved they stopped talking to her but she realized that life wasn’t for her.

She worked full time while her course was also full time. She wrote papers until 5’O clock and then slept for two hours and get up for her work.

Pakeezah disclosed that she saved money whenever she could. She never spent money on designer clothes, or shoes. Her thrust for independence drives her and she reached this stage.


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