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Illinois Teen Makes a Coronavirus-Themed Prom Dress Out Of Duct Tape

18-year old Peyton Manker has made an amazing coronavirus-themed prom dress out of duct tape for a scholarship competition. She embarked on this journey in January but her plan was ruined when the pandemic shut down the school.

She worked on her submission for weeks. The pandemic has not only canceled the prom but also brought changes in the course of senior year.

She has not put a stop to her after knowing the fact that she would not be able to wear this dress in prom. Instead, she thought of an idea and started making a dress that ‘documents a part of the history.’

In the end, her efforts became fruitful. She made an incredible dress covered with details like coronavirus design, people wearing masks, healthcare workers, etc.

Peyton Manker designed the dress in a way that it not only depicts the coronavirus details but also paid tribute to healthcare workers with her artwork. She also urged people with her artwork on the drees to flatten the curve of coronavirus.

Manker also made virus jewelry, shoes, a bag, and a face mask. She also designed the dress with her unforgettable senior year memories & with a vibrant scene of students participating in virtual graduation.

She detailed everything on her dress and showed how pandemic has affected the people around the world. Manker also drew an image showing people running away from giant coronavirus which pointed towards the fact that people are avoiding the virus.

She shared the images of the dress on Facebook. Her post has been shared over 254,000 times and 46k people like the post.

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