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Businesswoman Made $10k A Day With Tool That Smooths Flyaways In Seconds

28-years old Mia Plecic, a self-taught businesswoman has made an incredible innovation. She made $10,000 in 12 hours after sharing a TikTok video of her business.

Mia discovered a clever trick that seamlessly smooths frizz and flyaways in seconds without leaving hair greasy. To start a career in business she dropped out of a sports science degree.

In January, she started Slick Stick. It is a $23.99 mascara-like wand that holds the baby hair in place without leaving them hard or dry. It is different from traditional gels and hairsprays.


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After discovering the clever tool she started delivery of approx. 1,000 orders each week. She makes an average of $23,990 a week.

She shared a TikTok video to inform people about her new business titled: “They told me not to start a business during a pandemic. I did anyway.”


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Mia Plecic said that she considered business as ‘problem-solving’ and said that anyone can succeed with hard work.

She was surprised when customers from countries like Mexico, France, Germany, Ireland placed an order. Mia then built a close relationship with Instagram stars who promote her products.

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