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Brave Mother Jumped Into An Alligator Pit To Retrieve Her Wallet With Her Son

A shocking video disclosed how a mother with her son entered into an alligator pit to take out her wallet after it fell into the pond. The shocking video was filmed at the Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd, Minnesota.

The video showed a young boy running around the pit and the children in the surrounding asked him to stay away from the dangerous reptile. The pond was full of alligators.

He continued running around while his mother tried to distract the alligator so that she can retrieve her purse. She tried to distract the alligator by throwing rocks and sticks on it.

As they both continued their struggle the kids in the background started screaming out of the fear. After trying so hard, a brave mother finally took out her purse without getting hurt.

Mother and the son both were without masks. Zoo authorities have no idea about the incident but they came to know when they saw the viral video.

Safari North have signs and fences for the protection of animals and visitors. But the incident shocked everyone. Zoo officials tried to identify a woman so that they lodged a complaint against her for child endangerment.


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