Home Entertainment Amanda Kloots Reveals Husband Nick Cordero Needs Double Lung Transplant

Amanda Kloots Reveals Husband Nick Cordero Needs Double Lung Transplant

Amanda Kloots, wife of Canadian actor Nick Cordero revealed that her husband is in dire need of double lung transplant to live how he would want.

Nick was admitted to the hospital due to coronavirus complications. He also lost his leg to the novel virus and now he has a 99% chance of needing a double lung transplant.

Kloots talked about her husband’s health during her appearance on ‘CBS This Morning’. She said that in order to live a long life and do what he wanted he need a double lung transplant. There is a long way ahead of us.

Kloots said she always remain positive about her husband’s health. Many times she has been told that he couldn’t survive but she never left hope. And he survived.

Amanda said that she has to stay strong to keep her husband motivated. She disclosed that he is continuously fighting for his life.

“There are so many cords everywhere. I just want to jump in the bed and hug him and grab him and squeeze him, but you have to be very careful with everything that’s going on. So I grab his hand. I’m waiting for the day he holds my hand back,” she added.

Amanda also keeps her Instagram followers updated about Nick’s health. She always asked her fans to remember her husband in their prayers.

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