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Woman Jumped From Second-Floor Window To Escape A Domestic Violence Attack

A 34-year-old woman opted for a horrific way to escape from a domestic violence attack. She jumped from a second-floor window after allegedly being assaulted by a man she knew in Sydney.

Assaulter was identified as a 29-year old man named Jason Peter McAuliffe who choked her and assaulted her. He locked her in the bedroom before she managed to jump out of the window.

The woman got fractured vertebrae, bruising, and swelling and she was taken to hospital. The attacker escaped from the scene before the police were called.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested Jason shortly after the incident. He was taken to Bankstown police station.

Jason was charged with assault, detain the person to take advantage, intentionally choking a person, and dishonestly obtaining financial assistance. Court refused his bail as he had a horrific criminal record.


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