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White Businesswoman Receives Backlash For Singing ‘N-Word’ In An Instagram Video

Hayley Mack, a white businesswoman faced criticism for her Instagram video. She is the owner of Walton Vale beauty firm Malinki Aesthetics.

Earlier she shared a post of herself enjoying in a party while the song ‘juicy’ played in the background. Juicy is the first single by American rapper The Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie Smalls.

Ms. Macky and her friends sing along to the lyrics of Juicy but when Biggie raps the lines ‘if you don’t know, now you know n***** Hayley continues singing but her male friend refrains.

The footage was shared on her business page, which has around 19,000 followers. A black woman Ms. Jackson contacted Ms. Mack and told her that she was offended by the word she has used in the video.

But Ms. Mack said she had just been singing the song. Ms. Jackson said she simply wants that Ms. Mack apologized and admit she was wrong.

Ms. Jackson’s mother was beaten by baseball bat-wielding racist thugs in 2008. After receiving criticism from people she contacted Merseyside Police. Police also confirmed they had received one complaint related to the video shared online.

Ms. Jackson said: “She is a professional lady she would have realized what she has done and how many people she could have offended.

She disclosed that she saw the video in the evening and decide to wait for the next morning. But the next day the video was still there and she was active on Instagram.

Ms. Jakson said she contacted Ms. Mack and told her she found the video offensive. She replied: “It is a song. Can you not hear it?”

Ms. Jackson said Ms. Mack never experienced the racial abuse but she had been experiencing since she was four.


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