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Shocking Video Reveals Elderly Woman Pushed To The Ground

A shocking incident happened in the street of New York where an elderly woman was pushed to the ground by a man in his 30s. A woman was identified as a Bronx native named Geraldine.

CCTV footage disclosed that the woman and man were about to cross paths on 3rd Avenue between 15th and 16th street in Manhattan on Friday. The camera captured the man wearing a blue T-shirt with patterned short suddenly hit the woman.

The old lady fell to the ground and hit her head on a fire hydrant. Later the man was identified as 31 years old Rashid Brimmage and he has the 103 prior arrests.

The woman was walking from the street with a shopping cart when this incident happened. She was wearing a pink sweater. She was pushed to the ground and the shopping cart which she was pushing lands on her.

The man then saw her face and left her there. It was not disclosed yet that the passersby helped her or not. An elderly woman was admitted to the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital.

She suffered injuries but she is recovering. The woman later disclosed that she was frightened to death when he hit her. She was unable to move by herself.

Geraldine said that there were a couple of young women there who helped her. She got cut on her arm and bruises on her head. She said she is now frightened to go out.

Police shared the footage and also arrested the assaulter. Brimmage was a career criminal who has been arrested for 103 times since 2005.

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