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Nurse Reveals The Horror Of Being Homeless During The Lockdown

Single mother April Owen, from Bournemouth, has been forced to move out of her rented accommodation with her 7-years old daughter just a day before lockdown started. The second-year nurse Owen revealed every door appeared to close on her request for help.

She is currently struggling with her mental health as she is a single mother. Owen has been unable to earn money as she is living with her friend who has a newborn baby. Her friend’s husband is suffering from type-one diabetes and she is afraid that if she goes out for a job she will bring a virus with her.

April has lived happily with her daughter for seven years in flat but now she is homeless. She disclosed that every organization including her university, housing association, and local councils have been unable to provide her shelter.

When every door she knocked for help gave her nothing she approached the homeless charity shelter for guidance.

She said her mental health ‘hit rock bottom’. April said: “I don’t think I’d be here if it wasn’t for my daughter.” The nurse revealed her family is in London. She got a large family but no one helped her when she is homeless.

Lockdown made it difficult for her to find the proper accommodation for herself and for her daughter. Every time she struggled she was unable to find any flat for her.

She even asked her for mental help from her university but got no favorable response. She said: “They stopped me and in front of everybody asked: Are you going to be homeless? and I burst into tears.”

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