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Netizens Mocked Zartaj Gul For Her New Definition Of COVID-19

Pakistan’s Minister for climate change stirred a storm on the internet after giving a new definition of COVID-19. She has provided comic relief to the nation during this difficult time of the pandemic.

Netizen criticized her for her incompetency and lack of knowledge. Minister for climate change talked about coronavirus where she gave a bizarre statement regarding COVID-19.

While talking to the host Syed Anwar-ul-Hassan in a PTV news program she said: “Covid-19 means it has 19 points and these points apply to different countries in different ways. It’s up to that country how it develops its immunity.”

She was started trending on Twitter after her new definition of COVID-19. Twitterati started mocking the minister for not knowing enough about it.

They started sharing the hilarious memes after her clip went viral. One of the users wrote: “The real reason behind the name of F-16 is because it has 16 tires in it.”

Another hilarious meme after her comment is: “The +92 dialing code is just because Khan won the 92′ World cup.”

This is not the first time she was slammed for her inappropriate statements. Earlier, she said that COVID-19 has improved the air quality of various cities of Pakistan.

Just days before Eid she made a hilarious statement. Zartaj Gul said only those people who were infected with the virus should wear masks to save others from getting the disease.

Coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19. COVID-19 means 2019 coronavirus. ‘CO’ means corona, ‘VI’ means a virus, ‘D’ stands for disease and the 19 referred to the year 2019.

Later she took to Twitter to clarify her statement.

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