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Major General Nigar Johar Becomes First Female Promoted As Lt Gen In Pak Army

Major general Nigar Johar khan is the first female officer to be promoted as the Lieutenant General of Pakistan. Nigar Johar khan has also been appointed as the first female Surgeon general of Pakistan Army.

She is the first woman in the history of the Pakistan army who reached the rank of Lieutenant General. She is the third woman in history to reach the rank of major general.

Nigar was born in Panjpir village in Swabi district to a Pashtun family. Her father Col Qadir also served in the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Nigar is the proud daughter of Pakistan who joined the Army medical college in 1981. Spokesperson Armed Force shared the news on Twitter.

Major general Nigar Johar khan is the niece of Mohammad Amir. Mohammad Amir was the former Pakistan army officer. He also served in ISI.


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