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Hedgehog Attacks 3-Years-Old Girl While She Was Sleeping

3-years old girl Elsie was attacked by Hedgehog while she was sleeping with her mother in her upstairs bedroom. The little girl suddenly woke up and crying with pain as Hedgehog bit the girl on the toe.

Her mother Chelsey Fowler saw a hedgehog clamped to the little girl’s bleeding toe. She disclosed that it was quarter past four in the morning when this incident happened.

Elsie had never seen a hedgehog in her life. She was shocked to see the strange creature. Chelsey said: “I panicked because I didn’t expect there to be a hedgehog. I pushed it off her foot and it scarpered under the wardrobe.”

Little girl’s mother cleaned her wound and called NHS for advice. At first, they seem to not believe her. They told her not to panic as the bleeding had stopped.

Chelsey said all the family members slept downstairs after the incident. The little girl kept talking about the mean hedgehog.

Elsie has been on antibiotics and hedgehog is now at a local animal sanctuary. The family has no idea how the strange creature entered the home.

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