Home World Chinese Workers Forced To Eat Live Worms For Underperforming

Chinese Workers Forced To Eat Live Worms For Underperforming

Employees at a Chinese firm have been compelled to stomach live earthworms as a punishment for not generating the expected sales. A video of one of the Chinese employees holding the live bug in her palms and another worker gobble down the live worm with water was floating on social media.

The whistleblower disclosed that the punishment includes eating live pond loaches or cleaning the toilets of the office. The company’s manager stated that all the staff members were already agreed to this strange punishment.

The video was recorded at an interior design company in Bijie, Guizhou province of south-western China. Video revealed the sales team standing in line at a staff meeting when they received this bizarre punishment.

In the video, one of the female workers asked: “Does it have parasites?”Another responded: “It sometimes explodes in your mouth when you bite it.”

Initially, the workers thought that the punishment was only a joke. The employees also have the option to pay the fine of 500 yuan (£57) and to buy breakfast for the whole company.

But some of the workers could not afford the fine and asked to eat live worms. Workers who leaked the video revealed that they called the police after receiving the threats from the company. Local authorities started the investigation for the incident.

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