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Beauty Queen Wife Of Cop Derek Chauvin Reveals She Doesn’t Want A Penny In Her Divorce

Kellie Chauvin, the wife of ‘killer cop’ Derek Chauvin disclosed in a bombshell court filing that she doesn’t want a single penny from her ex-husband who murdered George Floyd.

Her husband Derek Chauvin was arrested last Friday over the death of George Floyd. Kellie has filed for divorce on the same day when he was detained.

She announced that they both parted ways on May 28 when he was accused of killing a black man George Floyd by kneeling on his neck. He and three other police officers killed him brutally during the nine-minute arrest.

During his last time, he was begging for his life that he couldn’t breathe but unfortunately, he lost his life. After his death protests started all across the US. Protestor demanded justice for the unfortunate death of George Floyd.

Kellie and her husband Derek both lived together for 10 years. Kellie is currently unemployed and has two sons from her previous husband. But she said she doesn’t need a single penny from Derek in the divorce settlement.

She disclosed in a filing that she is fully capable to support herself. Kellie came from Laos as a refugee to the US also requested in court to change her name.

She is the former Mrs. Minnesota America Pageant winner before worked as a radiologist in the same hospital where George Floyd was declared dead.

Kellie and Derek met in a hospital when she was a radiologist and he brought a suspect for a health check. After their first meeting, he asked her out. They both registered their marriage on June 12, 2010, in Washington County, Minnesota where she also filed for divorce.

Chauvin was shifted to one of the most secure prisons int he US night to avoid any unfortunate incident.



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