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Woman Left Devastated After The Death Of Her Daughter And Husband From COVID-19

David Whincup, a retired police officer died the next day after his daughter’s death due to coronavirus. The wife of the officer is left mourning over the death of the two loved ones in Cottingham, East Yorkshire. 

An MP Davis paid tribute to Late officer David. He expressed that David was a decent and humble person, who was selflessly committed to serving public.

He always found David dedicated towards work during his serving as Chairman of the Haltemprice and Howden Conservatives. 

The dead Mr. David and his daughter aged 52 left the wife with two other daughters, three grandchildren, and a son in law.

His daughters Vicki and AI grieves remembering father that he was such a positive person with a smile on his face. He was a loving father who was full of energy and admiration.

Mr. Whinchup served as a Humberside Police officer for 30 years. He worked as a director of Red Cross and raised funds of thousands of pounds for the welfare in Hull and East Yorkshire.

He uplifted many other charities when working at Haltemprice Lions Club’s founder member in 1073. Her daughter Ms Rennison was working as a hotel function manager prior to becoming red Cross fundraising manager.

She was 30 when diagnosed with several scleroses but continued her services for MS society.

The grandchildren of Mr. Whinchup have started running a fundraising page in the remembrance of aunt and grandfather.

They have completed their initial target of E500 to support Hull, Beverley Borough, and Holderness branches of the MS Society.

The funeral of David Whinchup taken place at at Haltemprice Crematorium on Monday. The ceremony was attended by close family members only while other relatives joined through online video sharing.

The family of David whereas devasted on his death, they are proud of the other side considering all the accomplishments which he has done for the welfare of people.

He had done a lot through his charity works. The multitude of people felt helpless after his death for the work he was doing to support them.

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