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Woman Kicked Out Of Trader Joe’s Now Has COVID-19 Symptoms

A California woman Genevieve Peters tried to enter the California Trader Joe’s without wearing a mask. She was stopped at the gate because she refused to cover her face. She was kicked out of the grocery store. Later she disclosed that she is suffering from a sore throat, one of the possible symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

Genevieve shared a video in which she said that she is suffering from sore throat and it feels like it was going into her lymph nodes. She said she has no fear that she will be the new victim of coronavirus. Peter is a passionate supporter of Donald Trump.

She filmed herself in the grocery store. At first, the guard stopped her and asked her to wear a mask. Peter used her shirt as a mask but the store workers refused her entry because there was no guarantee that she would hold her shirt up the whole time.

Peter said to the employee that they can’t guarantee that she will continue wearing masks while shopping. The store’s cashier called 911 and complained about Peter that she refused to wear masks.

Trader Joe’s urged its customers to wear masks. Los Angeles County Officials declared it is mandatory for everyone to wear masks during coronavirus pandemic.

When Peter was asked why she refused to don a mask. She replied that she is feeling uncomfortable in mask and mask is unhealthy for her. She said: “I don’t want to breathe my own CO2. There are many researchers and they are bogus rules.”

In a Facebook Live, she said that in the future she could contract coronavirus but it is the same as someone caught the flu. She said: “I’m not saying I might not get it, I might get it. Anyone could get it, right? I mean, it’s like the flu. I’ve had the flu many times in my life. But I’ve survived it.”


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