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Woman Aged 20 Gets Assaulted By Police Officer During Protest In Brooklyn

A woman aged 20 was allegedly thrown to the ground by an NYPD officer while doing protest for George Floyd’s death. The tragedy took place in Brooklyn near Barclay’s Center where a bunch of protesters were taken under police custody.

The girl experienced a severe seizure attack after being thrown and dashed to the hospital. Dounya Zayer shared updates about her condition from the hospital.

Jason Lemon, from Newsweek, reported that the police officer abused the girl before assaulting her. Zayer posted some videos explaining the whole situation and making it clear to the people accusing her to spit on the officer.

She explained that she was wearing a face mask and there was no point in her spitting on the officer’s face. He showed up pushing protesters and threw the girl away.

One of the eyewitnesses Whitney Hu told how brutally officer pushed her and put her into seizures. She had to wait outside the hospital due to COVID-19 precautionary measures followed by the hospital.

Another protester explained how they were protesting peacefully when someone from the crowd threw an object towards police. He was directing the girl to get out and assaulted her when she did not.

The whole situation is visible in the videos which show that the officer did the wrong. The incident took place on Friday.

Corey Johnson, New York City Council Speaker said that this is totally unacceptable. The police are supposed to be maintaining peace and not people brutally and pepper-spraying on them while calmly doing protest.

A multitude of people came out on Friday night to be a part of the protest. And the police were treating people harshly all over the place.

The protest is continued to demand justice for the death of George Floyd. He was stabbed to death by a police officer for no reason.

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