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UK Youngest MP Nadia Whittome Fired From Job After Raising Voice Against Lack Of PPE

Nadia Whittome who was elected as youngest Labour MP for Nottingham East decided to continue the job she had before becoming an MP. She returned to Lark Hill retirement village in Nottinghamshire to help fighting coronavirus. But she was fired from her role.

UK MP aged 24 raised her voice through various media channels and from her own account. She expressed how the workers have been provided with no safety equipment during this pandemic.

Nadia exposed that the Trust in which she works staff were only permitted to use the one mask a full day.

She told how the PPE cupboard was locked from the fear that the employees might take them for selling purposes. She exposed how a nurse over their abandoned to use the mask. As she thinks wearing a mask cannot protect one from getting coronavirus.

After her announcement Extra Care Trust fired her from the job. Lark Hill Trust representative dismissed all the charges about the shortage of PPE. He said the reason for dismissal is that she was a casual worker.

All of their slots were filled with permanent employees and they no longer needed her.

Soon after her election, Nadia announced a heavy amount of money for charity. She urged other colleagues to reach her if any of them faced biasedness by care providers.

One of her unnamed colleagues revealed how angry she is on the declaration to lay off of such an excellent worker. She has exposed nothing but reality.

Trust further gave the details about equipment which included 6,000 masks. Trust unveiled it was arduous to convince residents after her comment. The circumstances got hard to control during this crucial situation of a pandemic.

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