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Shocking Pictures Reveals Black Beetle Crawl In Girl’s Eye For Nine Hours

A mother named Kris Monk shared horrific images of her daughter’s eye which revealing a black beetle had been crawling in her girl’s eye for about nine hours. Kris said her 6-year old daughter complained that her eye was ‘tickly’.

She said every time they checked there was no redness or obvious irritation. Her tear duct was swelled and there was a small mark near her tear duct. This incident occurred around 5 pm on April 28, 2020.

Little girl’s mother checked her eye last time and send her to bed. She woke up around 1 pm. She felt like her eye was burning. There was a small lump and redness around her tear duct. The family realized the movement of black things around her eyelid.

Kris said that they took her to the hospital. When they reached hospital pus formed in her eye and because of the pus’s pressure the black cedar beetle fell onto the hospital ground.

Her mother said: “The doctor found that the bug named Todd, had gotten lodged under her eyelid. Todd had crawled back along her eyeball trying to escape.”

After 9 hours girl’s body made enough white blood cells which reject the presence of bug and expelled the bug out of the body. Little girl is fine.

Doctors prescribed her some antibiotics and ointment to prevent infection. Kris shared the updates regarding the identification of bug. She finally revealed that the todd has identified as Black Cedar Beetle.

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