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Daughter Seek Justice For Her Mother Who Was Brutally Killed By Three Dogs

A devastated daughter Gloria Holland talked about the horrific moment when three dogs attacked her mother in front of her eyes on her favorite beach. Her mother, Sally Holland, was walking by herself on the beach when three dogs ran down to the beach and mauled her to death.

Gloria said she helplessly watched her mother mauled to death by three Bullmastiff dogs on Collingwood Beach on the New South Wales South Coast. Holland said the dog first attacked her friend. Her friend shouted and fortunately, the owner intervened to save her friend.

According to the witnesses, the dog then ran toward the beach where Sally Holland was walking by herself. The devastated daughter said: “I could see them going down to the water’s edge, tearing at something, running away, prancing around, and going back tearing at whatever it was.”

When Gloria moved toward the beach she fought the dog off with the grip she usually carried with her during her walk. That’s when she noticed the body of her mother.

She said her mother was a strong lady at that time of the attack she was an active member of the community. The owner of the dog expressed his condolences and said he never imagined his dogs did something this terrible.

At the time of the attack, three other people ran toward Sally to save her but they all got injuries in return. She asked for justice for her 90 years old mother.

Ms. Holland said the terrible thing is her mother didn’t die of blood loss, nor she died of cardiac arrest. She died because of dog bites.

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