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Swimmer Sharron Davies Shares The Video Of Herself ‘Swimming’ In Her Kitchen

Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies isn’t letting the lockdown affecting her swimming ability. 57-years-old swimmer shared the video of herself swimming in her kitchen which amazed her followers.

She wore a swimsuit, goggles, and swim cap and practiced different styles including front crawl, butterfly, and breast stroke in her kitchen counter.

She proved that the pool is not necessary for the swimmer to practice swimming. One can practice by trying innovative ways in this lockdown.

Sharron took to Twitter and said: “What do you do when you can’t get to a swimming pool.”

She got an amazing response from her fans. When her fans asked her if someone is holding her feet or not. She revealed that her 13-years-old son Finley was hanging on to her ankles ‘for dear life.’

One of the fans commented: “I was just willing someone to walk on screen and Chuck a bucket of water proper 3D effects during the lockdown.”

Sharron replied: “I said to Finley we needed four peeps 1 to hold feet 1 to film 1 to chuck water but we only had us 2 sadly.”

Ms Sharron Davies had competed for the Britain at the 1976 Olympics at the age of 13. She motivate her followers to share the video of themselves performing their own aquatic workouts.

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