Home Technology Scientists Develop Glove To Record The Creativity Of Dreams In Semi-Conscious State

Scientists Develop Glove To Record The Creativity Of Dreams In Semi-Conscious State

Scientists have developed a glove-like device called Dormio to records the creativity of human dreams in a semi-conscious state. The semi-conscious state is a state between sleep and wakefulness known as hypnagogia.

Hypnagogia is a state when humans remember most of their dreams. Dreams are basically the stories and images that are created during the period of sleep.

Scientists believed that allowing people to control their dreams in a semi-conscious state increase creativity. The new device called Dormio is consist of two parts.

The first part is the glove users used during the sleep and the second part is an app on the user’s phone which will issue trigger words when a person falling into hypnagogia.

It does this by detecting changes in muscle tension, heart rate, and skin conductivity through sensors. In the second stage, the app in the user’s phone will play audio cues when the user fell into semi-sleep. In the next stage, the user is prompted to voice their thoughts which are recorded.

This device is developed by Adam Horowitz and his colleagues in the MIT media lab. Fifty users were asked to tell their dreams which the app recorded and they were asked to write a story about the dream. The people who had not fallen into the semi-sleep were not more creative than the Dormio users.

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