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Nurse Reveals Her Horror Of Shifting Coronavirus Bodies From Morgues To Car Park Fridges

A horrified NHS frontline nurse Sally Goodright revealed her horror when she moved 40 coronavirus victims bodies into fridges in Hospital Car park.

She said that the hospital staff was so ‘overwhelmed with the death that they can’t cope up’. Sally said she was so upset when she along with the other staff shifted the dead bodies of those patients she regularly treated in the hospital.

Ms Goodright who has been working as a podiatry assistant requested people to stay at home. She also slammed those she saw on her way home. Those people were playing badminton outside the house in this pandemic.

Sally was working at the West Middlesex University Hospital in Isleworth, London. She took to Facebook to expressed her distress.

She said: “After the morning I was asked to join a team to help out the staff in the mortuary at West Mid Hospital. 2 large fridges have been placed in the car park because the mortuary is full.”

Sally added: “So along with 2 Podiatric Surgeons, a Professor, 2 Audiologists and myself we carried 40 bodies from the morgue to the fridges. The fridges are situated on the other side of the hospital. So we had to work in pairs to get the heavy, bulky trolleys across.”

She said that “the bodies were still infected so we have to be careful. We ran out of body bags but still the dead were arriving from the wards. Everyone is doing such a great job.

All were really working as a team from surgeons, porters, cleaners and the brilliant crew that is making sure the fridges are in situ and in full working order.”

Ms. Goodright requested people and said: “Please, please stay at home. I want to go back to my old life. Sally said she missed her patients who don’t need urgent care but have to stay indoors.

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