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NHS Nurses Apologize After Their Haka Indicted As ‘Cultural Appropriation’

A group of nurses at Tavistock Daycare center, in West Devon, released a video doing Maori Haka. After that, the video was interpreted as cultural abuse. Haka is a ceremonial dance that is performed by the Rugby team of New Zealand.

The whole crew of nurses has seen with black paints on their faces, and the white tape rolled around their heads. One of the women addresses virus saying ‘You germ cannot beat mankind, and you’ll be defeated by us, at the last of the video.’

Karaitiana Taiuru, a cultural advisor in New Zealand calls it a flagrant cultural abuse. She said that not every person with little knowledge and have access to the internet should be allowed to mock other races.

The group then gave an apologizing statement. They said they were inspired by the videos over the internet by other nurses across the country. Our intentions were to motivate other health workers and to raise their morals.

They didn’t want to offend people from any of the other cultures. There might be a problem with our way of delivering the message we are sorry, the nurses said.   

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