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New Zealand Takes The Lead In ‘COVID-19 Elimination’ PM Jacinda Ardern Reveals

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern proudly declared that the country is successful in the elimination of coronavirus. She said we have been strictly following the instruction strategies which have now paid off.

The director-general of health, Ashley Bloomfield, said that elimination doesn’t mean the zero digit. But it means that the country has succeeded in the detection of the origin of cases. From elimination, we meant the lower no. of cases detected and we are confident about this.

Out of 5 million of total population, only one new case of the virus was recorded in last 24 hours. That adds in the total no. to 1122 with 19 deaths.

The country has announced to move to level three restrictions after 4 weeks following level four restrictions. Jacinda Ardern handled the overall pandemic situation very seriously. And the Country is considered to have followed the strictest lockdown in the whole world.

Jacinda Ardern directed to close all the institutes, public places, and offices on March 26.  People were forced to stay homes, the takeaway and delivery services were also stopped. The country also closed its borders in order to control the transmission of the virus from other countries.

However, now the country has announced a relaxation in the lock down after a month. People will be allowed to go for hiking, fishing, and surfing by maintaining the rule of social distancing. Almost 400,000 people will be able to rejoin their work.

Meanwhile, the restaurants are planning to introduce contactless food delivery and other businesses are also coming with their strategies to work in this pandemic.

The Prime Minister still imposed a ban on social gatherings and the country is just open for the economy. She said we cannot waste the efforts we have made so far to control the spread and will remain at the third level of restrictions if needed.

General manager for industry group Surfing, Ben Kennings, expressed that people are eagerly waiting to go out to the beach. But surfing and water sports could be played by maintaining social distance.

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