Home Politics Keir Starmer Defeats Long-Bailey And Nandy In Labour Leadership Elections

Keir Starmer Defeats Long-Bailey And Nandy In Labour Leadership Elections

Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy lost to Keir Starmer in the party’s leadership elections. Keir Starmer has been elected as the new Leader of the Labour Party as he beats Long-Bailey and Nandy.

The 57-year old Keir Starmer has won the first round of voting with more than 50% of votes. He finally won and end the almost five years tenure of Jeremy Corbyn.

Angela Rayner was elected as the deputy leader of the Labour Party. After the labor party leadership elections, Keir Starmer’s first priority is to respond to the call of Boris Johnson to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Just before the elections, PM Boris Johnson wrote to all opposition leaders: “As party leaders, we have a duty to work together at this time of national emergency.

Therefore, I would like to invite all opposition leaders to a briefing with myself, the chief medical officer and the chief scientific adviser next week.”

He said that he is well aware of the task ahead of him after the result of elections. He said: “I understand the scale of tasks and the gravity of position that we are in.”

Keir said: “We have got a mountain to climb, but we will climb it. I will try my best to reconnect and re-engage the communities and voters. We will work together to establish a coalition across our towns and cities.”

“Where that requires change, we will change. Where that requires us to rethink, we will rethink,” he continued.

In a speech, Keir Starmer said that during the crisis we will work closely with the government . We are not scoring party political points or making impossible demands. But with the courage to support where that’s the right thing to do.”

Angela Rayner said: “In this difficult time we must work closely with each other and offer a better future to our citizens which they deserve.”

She said that different things were changes in recent periods but our country’s values will always remains same. They are important for us.

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