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‘I Am Now The Wimbledon Champion For Two Years’, says Simona Halep

Romanian Tennis Player Simona Halep reacted to the cancellation of Wimbledon. Tennis star is trying to look at the positive side regarding the Wimbledon cancellation due to coronavirus outbreak.

When she was asked how she felt about the cancellation. She replied: “I take it positively, because I am now the defending champion for two years. So, I have to live with that for one more year so that’s a good thing again.”

Simona had defeated the no.1 American tennis player Serena Williams in an outstanding performance in last year’s finals.

Tennis star is in her home in Romania where she has been locked down for 22 days. She only comes out of her house for jogging around the ground of her house.

Tennis Tournament Wimbledon has canceled because of coronavirus which affected 207 regions in the world. 1,140,570 confirmed cases have been reported all around the globe.

“I am excited that I will be able to play the first match on Tuesday I think on Centre Court. So, I really want to make this experience. It’s going to be great for sure,” she added.

Simona said: “I know that the worst scenario in my head is that this year is going to be canceled. I’m sure we’re going to overcome this period if we listen and stay home safely.”

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