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Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin Asks Her Daughter Not To Work With NHS

Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin has revealed that she begged her daughter not to work with the NHS because she has suffered an unbearable loss due to coronavirus.

Her daughter works for the NHS in the admin. She said I begged her not to work with NHS but her daughter said she is alright because she is in the admin.

Her daughter consoled her mom and said that she has more paperwork no one touch her phone. She said when ‘she goes into the building she has got gloves on’.

58-years old Sandra’s sister-in-law, her ex-boyfriend, and various other friends and family member lost their battle to novel coronavirus. There have been 1.2 million infected people all around the world and the death toll reached 146,888.

After losing her friends and family to coronavirus, it is natural that Sandra is concerned about her daughter. She said how heartbreaking it is that you saw a person drinking champagne and then you saw her dead the next day.

After the death of her sister in law she took to twitter to express her grief. She wrote: “RIP brother’s wife and her daughter. You will be badly missed. You were my brother soul mate/wife you also was my only sister in law. I am so glad I saw you all last at my 58th birthday party in February.”

Sandra admitted that she is an emotional person and she suffered a lot. However, the reality star is doing her part to help those who are in need in this pandemic.

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