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Disturbing Video Reveals Young Girl Being Dragged To The Ground And Beaten

Two Chinese international students opened up about the alleged attack they both experienced in Melbourne. The shocking video surfaced online revealed that two students walking along Elizaetbh street were attacked by unknown women.

A teenage girl is being dragged to the ground by her hair and brutally beaten in a racial attack. Two white women first followed them, constantly swearing on them. They mocked the young girls for coronavirus.

One of the student said: “She started saying get f*** out of the country, you don’t belong here. I am really scared they think it’s okay to do this to other people.”

One of the woman pulled the hair of young girl and knocked her to the ground. Video showed a man intervened and stopped the woman from beating the girl.

When the man stopped her she yelled at him said: “You’re a f***ing imbecile. Don’t f***ing hit me.” During the attack, the Air pods of the girl were stolen by a man who was watching the fight.

Victoria police revealed the images of two women and believed they both help them in inquiry. One of the women was described as Caucasian in appearance. She was 20 years old and approximately 150 cm tall. She was donning pink jacket.

The video was floating on social media and thought to be first uploaded on the Korean Kakaotalk group chat. Coronavirus first emerged from the city of China, Wuhan. After that Chinese around the world faced racist attacks for spreading coronavirus.

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