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Candace Owens Rants On Twitter When Asked To Wear Face Mask

Police stopped Candace Owens, a Republic activist in a food market when she was spotted without wearing a mask. Owens was with her husband when the incident took place.

Owens said the officer was already frustrated after a customer asked her about the cleaning of the carts. And when she, accompanied by her husband, entered the food store, the officer questioned them about face masks.

The activist answered that she hasn’t bought a mask. Because she thinks the cases in Washington are decreasing and she’s not one of the ‘Corona crazies’ to waste money on buying masks.

During the short stay of a couple in the market, the lady showed up again saying she’s getting complaints from the customers. Since everyone is scared of the COVID-19, people didn’t like the couple without covering their faces. Agreeing to the health sector, President Trump has also directed to extend the lockdown to control pandemic spread.

Unlike New York and Los Angeles, lockdown is not suitable for Midwest as it’s less vulnerable.

Supporting her opinion with Trump’s statement, Owens said wearing masks in DC doesn’t make sense. DC contains 2000 cases of virus with 68 deaths.

Candace Owens tied the knot to George Farmer, son of Tory peer in last August in Virginia.

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