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Remains of 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell believed to be found

Evelyn Boswell, a 15-month-old little girl has been reported missing since December 2019. An official report was not filed until February 18, 2020. Her mother allegedly didn’t report her baby.

Authorities believed that they discovered the remains of an Evelyn from the property of the family member.

Tennesse authorities have received a tip which took them to a property of ‘family member of Evelyn mother’ where they found the remains of girl. The final confirmation comes after the autopsy report that the remains are of Evelyn or not.

Evelyn was last seen in December and police were investigating why it took too long to report the missing girl.

Police discovered the remains after the hunt of two weeks following the interview of the mother. Police said that Evelyn’s mother named Megan changed her statement every time she spoke to them.

Megan Boswell was arrested last month for the charge of giving false reports. Police said that many of the statements of Megan were wrong and her false statement delayed the search of a little girl.

The Sullivan County community is grieving over the death of 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell. People left stuffed toys under a tree on Muddy Creek Road where police found the remains.

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