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Luna’s friend family angry at her for talking about her friend’s death without the family’s consent

South-Korean singer Luna appeared in the MBC show ‘Human Documentary-I Like People’. She talked about her struggles after the death of groupmate Sulli and friend lee Ji Eun (Sophia).

Sophia was a trainee alongside Luna years ago but decided not to continue the life of a celebrity. Her family has expressed their anger towards Luna for talking about the death of Sophia without their permission.

K-pop star revealed that she lost her friend to suicide a month after the death of Sulli. Luna burst into tears while talking about her friends.

The singer said about Sophia: “She was family to me. She lived with me at my house, and she was like my best friend. Life must have been too painful for her.”

But Sophia’s sister expressed her anger that why she mentioned the name of Sophia on the broadcast. Sophia’s sister shared a message on her SNS account regarding this matter.

She said that Sulli was a celebrity but her sister was a regular citizen than why she talked about her death on the broadcast.

Sister added: “When she uploaded a condolences post for my sister, f(x) fans started flooding my messages like crazy. Some of my sister’s other friends told me that my Instagram address was all over the internet and asked me if I was ok.”

“The fans messaged me a dead person’s sister and asked me to comfort Luna because she was sad. I literally had no words because I was dumbfounded,” she continued.

Sophia’s sister wrote: “How can she upload a condolences post like that when they’re such good friends? I guess it could happen. But after seeing today’s broadcast, I can no longer tolerate it. 

At the very least, you should have contacted the family and let us know. None of my family members know her and I was the only one who saw her come and go yet she didn’t even contact me.

What was she thinking to go on camera and talk about a regular person like that on TV? Didn’t you think that our family would be destroyed like this again by my sister’s death becoming an issue? After pressing down our hurt? People thought my sister was IU and keep saying they’ve been baited, and gossiping about my sister’s death.

Did you think of our family? Honestly, I’m so uncomfortable and mad and cannot understand her attitude. Please stop using my sister’s death. Even if that wasn’t your intention, you still did wrong.” 

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