Selfish woman slammed for saving a seat on a packed train while an elderly woman standing in the aisle

A woman has been pictured saving a seat for a friend on a train full of passengers while and an old lady standing in the aisle.

The woman refused to move her bag from the seat for other passengers. A man in the train captured the woman’s picture and send it to the 2GB radio’s Ray Hadley. Man’s wife said a woman was sitting with her bag on the seat next to her. She was laughing to herself.

When she was confronted she refused to move the bag. The man said: “This occurred this afternoon on a city to Macarthur service. My wife was happy to stand, however, there was an elderly lady that really could have used this seat.”

The man said that the woman reserved the seat for the friend. Her friend was about to get on the train after the airport while all the other passengers were standing.