Rookie Actress Go Soo Jung dies at 25

South-Korean actress Goo Soo Jung passed away at the age of 25. She appeared in the Music Video for the BTS song ‘With Seoul’.

Goo Soo Jung started working as a rookie actress in 2016 through tvN’s ‘Goblin’. She also appeared in productions such as JTBC’s ‘Solomon’s Perjury’ and more.

She had a minor role but a remarkable role in Goblin. Soo Jung was among the ghosts who followed around Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun).

Her agency, Story J Company, revealed the sad news to the public today, February 12. They said: “Actress Go Soo Jung recently left the world and became a shining star in the sky.”

“She was an actress with as pure and sweet of a heart as anyone out there, and we will remember her and her bright smile that lit up the world forever,” they continued.

The actress is said to have died because of a fatal illness. Her funeral process took place on February 9 privately with family and friends. She was only 25-years old when she died.