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Mother reunites with the deceased daughter through VR Technology

South-Korean woman Ji-Sung’s seven years old daughter Nayeon died of an incurable disease. Nayeon was a playful kid.

She suddenly fell ill with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). HLH is a life-threatening disease of severe hyper-inflammation caused by the uncontrolled growth of the body’s white blood cell.

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation shared a documentary on its YouTube channel. The documentary was titled ‘I Met You’. The video showed the real world and the virtual world.

Ji-Sung got a chance to meet with her deceased daughter through Virtual Reality. The documentary used deep learning and AI to not only recreate Nayeon’s likeness, but also her voice and movements using past videos and recordings of her.

The production team spent eight months on the project. They designed the virtual park after one the mother and daughter had visited in the real world. They used motion capture technology to record the movements of a child actor that they could later use as a model for their virtual Nayeon.

A touching virtual reunion for Nayeon’s mother who was able to finally say goodbye to her child is possible because of VR.

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