Home Politics 'Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton LOVED Harvey Weinstein' says Donald Trump

‘Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton LOVED Harvey Weinstein’ says Donald Trump

President Donald Trump criticized Democrats Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton for being a ‘fan’ of Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein, 67, an American producer found guilty of third-degree rape.

Donald Trump commented about the rapist’s conviction in a press conference in Delhi. He said: “The people who liked him were the Democrats. Michelle Obama loved him, loved him. Hillary Clinton loved him. I was never a fan of Harvey, as you know. He was a person I didn’t like. I knew him because he was in New York.”

Trump also said that the decision of Harvey’s trial is the victory of women and the #MeToo movement.

He also added that Harvey gave a huge amount to democrats will they return the money to him?

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