DreamCatcher’s SuA praised ATEEZ’s skills after attending their concert

South-Korean girl group DreamCatcher attended the first concert of ATEEZ. ATEEZ held their ‘ATEEZ World Tour The Fellowship: Map The Treasure’ concerts at the Olympic Hall at Olympic Park in Seoul on February 8 and 9.

This was the group’s first concert in Korea since making their debut in October 2018. DreamCatcher SuA praised the performance of ATEEZ in their first concert.

She said: “Today, all of the members went to see ATEEZ’s concert together. Their performances were great and they were very cool. Their songs are really good, and their music is exactly my style. The concert was really great.”

Other than Dreamcatcher, Block B’s Jaehyo and Kyung, Teen Top’s Changjo, Noir’s Yunsung and Minhyuk, 14U’s Loudi, Maddox, ATEEZ’s producer, and solo singer/songwriter Eden also attended the concert.