Chungha donates 20 million won to help children buy masks for coronavirus prevention

South-Korean singer Chungha has always been interested in helping needy children. On the day of her birthday, she donated 20 million won approximately equal to 16.8k USD to the Green umbrella children’s funds to help children to buy masks.

20 million won is enough to buy approximately 10k masks. She did this because of the outbreak of coronavirus.

She said: “I hope that this will help children from low-income families who have a hard time finding masks due to the spread of the infectious novel coronavirus. I will continue to stay informed so that all kids can grow safely and healthily.”

The institute expressed its gratitude. They said: “We will do our best so that Chungha’s warm donation can reach children from low-income families all around the nation in the form of masks. The donation will help children greatly.”