Chloe Haines jailed for two years over the mid-flight incident

26-year old Chloe Haines was sentenced for two years in jail on Wednesday at Chelmsford crown court.

She was jailed because of a mid-flight incident that happened on 22 June last year on the Stansted plane. Chloe yelled, “I’m going to kill you all”. She tried to open the door of a plane midway through a flight.

Two RAF fighter jets were rushed to escort back the Jet2 flight which was heading to Dalaman, Turkey to the Essex airport. Jet also caused sonic boom across Essex.

When passengers and cabin crew members tried to stop her she assaulted them. Ms. Coombe, one of the crew member suffered scratches as she tried to prevent Haines from opening the plane door.

She was arrested by the police when the plane landed. During the court hearing, she confessed her crime. It was revealed in court that she blacked out. She didn’t really remember what happened” on the flight after mixing alcohol with medication.

Haines lawyers said in the court that she has various problems.

Judge Charles Gratwicke said: “Those that are trapped in the confined space of the aircraft will inevitably be distressed by the actions of those who in a drunken state endanger their lives.

“For some, it will be their worst nightmare come true.” The incident cost £86,000 to jet2.