Woman reveals her rapist father admits his crime because he wanted 'to go to prison than die alone'

21-year old Alex Mimer was only seven years old when her father started abusing her. She revealed that he confessed his crime because he had a fear of being alone and preferred to go to prison than die alone.  

Alex was seven years old when her father started abusing her and 12 months later he raped her in his van.

On 21 July 2017,  he was charged with many sexual offenses against Alex, including rape, but he denied it. After three days during his trial, he confessed everything.

Alex realized that her father admitted his crime not because he was guilty but because he had a fear of dying alone. He wanted to go to prison because he thought that when he died he was surrounded by many people.

Alex said: “I’m glad he’s where he belongs. He destroyed my childhood, I didn’t have one, and his abuse has affected me ever since. I’m glad I found the courage to speak up, rather than hiding away.

I still struggle with my mental health but the good days are beginning to excel the bad and I’ve finally found happiness with my fiance.”

Alex has moved from London to her favorite place, West Wales. When Alex born her father was in his 50s and her mom was 32 years old.

Alex experienced terrible abuse in her childhood. She never told anyone about what happened to her. Alex and her mom moved to another house when she was 10 years old.

She had no idea what damage her dad had done to her. She learned through sex education about the bitter truth when she was 12 years.

Alex explained: “Shame and anger built up inside me. But instead of telling anyone I withdrew into myself. It left me feeling isolated at home as well as school and I stopped doing well in lessons.”

She was started taking an anti-depressant. At the age of 17, she tells her mom the bitter truth of her life. Her mom blamed herself for not knowing what happened to her daughter.

Alex didn’t want her to call the police but her mom insisted. Sydney Mimer was sentenced to 12 years with a license of three years and two months.