Woman foundation results compared to jaundice after help from makeup consultant

A woman went viral on social media after she shared the results of makeover. She was left rather horrified by the shade she was given to match her skin.

Chelsea visited a branch of the Ulta cosmetic store to match the color of her new foundation, the makeup consultant told her she found the perfect match for her and presented her with a bright yellow shade.

She revealed it through twitter that she went to Ulta beauty and the makeup consultant told her it matches her perfectly and asked the people to look at it.

She tweeted ” GUYS IM DEAD. I went to Ulta to buy a new foundation and the girl that helped me said “oh yeah, it matches your skin PERFECTLY,” but PLEASE look at this. Lmaoooooo”

She went viral as she posted the picture of her results, many people jokingly compared it to jaundice. The color of her neck and her face was completely different in the picture she posted.

Meanwhile, this is how Chelsea actually looks. Many Twitter users replied to her tweet, some said ” they’ll fo anything for a sale”, and one user literally said, ” what was the name on it jaundice#3″.