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Woman diagnosed with the same disease she lost three family members to, now fundraising for her own funeral

A 34-year old woman, Suzanne Shipley from Warrington has lost three family members to type 1 diabetes. She is diagnosed with the same disease and now collecting funds for her own funeral.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that causes the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas to be destroyed. It prevents the body from being able to produce enough insulin to regulate blood glucose levels.

If the amount of glucose in the blood is too high, it can, over time, seriously damage the body’s organs.

She lost her two siblings and father to diabetes. Suzanne Shipley was still grieving the recent loss of her sister Claire in October. She was given the tragic news that she had just weeks to live.

Her mother Rose and sister Laura currently taking care of her in her house. Her family has made an appeal for financial help.

Suzanne, a Type 1 diabetic, requires kidney dialysis four times a week. In 2017 she had her lower leg amputated after contracting sepsis.

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