Viral video of Chinese woman eating a whole bat spark new controversary as scientist link coronavirus to bats

A video of Chinese women eating a whole bat at a fancy restaurant was floating on the internet. Woman’s video sparked new controversary as recently a new virus name coronavirus spread across the country.

Scientists believed that the new virus may have spread to humans from snakes and flying mammals. A trending video showed that the restaurant is preparing a soup of flying mammal, bat.

The killer coronavirus sweeping across the world may have come from bats, scientists have said. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the People’s Liberation Army and Institut Pasteur of Shanghai came to the conclusion.

In a statement, the team said: “The Wuhan coronavirus’ natural host could be bats but between bats and humans, there may be an unknown intermediate.”

A new coronavirus has killed 17 people and sickened 593. This virus emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan last month. Wuhan has been put under lockdown since then.

The virus, which can cause pneumonia, is poorly understood. Scientists now fear it may have spread to humans from snakes or bats. 

Pictures emerging on Twitter show soup cooked with a bat. Bats are used in traditional Chinese herb to treat a series of illnesses, including coughing, Malaria, and Gonorrhea.

Coronavirus outbreak was related to bat soup in Wuhan restaurant and it sparked a new controversary. As the virus emerged from Wuhan there are chances that the virus comes from the bat soup.

The first video shows the woman eating the bat in a Chinese restaurant. One man can be heard telling the woman: “Eat the meat. Don’t eat the skin. You should eat the meat on its back.” While the second viral video shows a cooked, grinning bowl of bat soup.

Authorities have pointed the blame on food markets in Wuhan from where the virus emerged. Rodents and bats among other animals are killed and sold in traditional markets.

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