Sooyoung transforms into a police detective in the upcoming drama

Sooyoung from girls generation has transformed herself into a police detective for OCN’s upcoming drama. The drama ‘tell me what you saw’ has revealed the previews of Sooyoung’s transformation.

In the drama, Sooyouns plays the character of Cha Soo-young. Cha soo young is a police detective. In the scene she appears to be in the countryside, maybe patrolling a crime scene. She appears to approach what looks like a baby goat.

Cha Soo-young doesn’t have much opportunity to work outside the small town, but with her amazing eidetic memory she gets to team up with a dedicated crew and a high profile Oh Hyun Jae, to capture a serial killer.

The production staff told, ” Sooyoung worried for a long time about her character and worked very hard to portryal Cha Soo Young. Viewers are going to be quite shocked when they see the transformation Sooyoung went through”.

The Drama ‘ tell me what you saw” will start siring from February 1st KST.