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Religious cult killed and buried Pregnant woman & 6 children in a grave in Panama

Pregnant woman and 6 children were tortured and slaughtered in Panama religious cult. Authorities revealed that in six children one was 3-years old and the other one is 1-year old.

Nine natives have been in custody. They will be charged over the terrible attack, which took place in a remote part of the Ngäbe-Buglé region. That region was the home of a large community of native Panamanians.

Officials reported the bodies of three boys and three girls, two 9-year-olds, plus others aged 1, 3, 11 and 17 were found in the grave. The 32-year-old mother of five of the children, who was between four and six months pregnant, was also found deceased in the grave.

Regin public prosecutor told the reporter that they were murdered for not apologizing for their crimes. He further said that the cult was active for almost 3 months but they never killed a single soul. This attack was carried out after one member of the cult said that they received the message of God.

Police invaded the area and saved 15 members who they believed were next in line for a similar murder.

Police arrested several people who they believed were linked with these murders because they found pieces of evidence against them. One of the suspects was the grandfather of children who were murdered.

“It appears they were members of a religious cult that carried out rituals and they were apparently responsible for the crime,” Baloyes said in the statement. The cult called itself “Church of God,” he said.

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