Red velvet unable to participate in an event today due to member's health

Red velvet the South Korean girl group under SM entertainment will not be able to perform their today’s schedule due to health concern. The girl group will be taking a break today to recover their health.

On 16th January their agency released a statement regarding the issue. “Hello, Red Velvet, who was scheduled to appear at the 2020 Korea Singers Festival today, will be unable to participate in this recording due to the members’ flu symptoms. We ask for the understanding of fans present at the event.”

Another source from the agency told that ” The members of red velvet all have symptoms of the flue and are suffering from it, so that’s why they need to rest today.

The source further continued ” it seems that the members will be able to fulfill their future schedule activities including their Japanese tour”.

The group has been fulfilling all its activities recently with four members because wendy is still recovering from her injuries.